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If you or a loved on is addicted to opiate based drugs, Resolutions Medical Services is your best choice for Suboxone treatment in West Palm Beach, Florida. Our trained doctors and medical professionals can answer all your questions and make sure that your out-patient treatment for drug addiction is both comfortable and successful.

SUBOXONE® is the first opioid medications approved under FDA regulation DATA 2000 for the treatment of opioid dependence in an office-based setting. SUBOXONE® can be dispensed for take-home use, just as any other medicine for other medical conditions. The primary active ingredient in SUBOXONE® is buprenorphine. Because buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist, its opioid effects are limited compared with those produced by full opioid agonists, such as oxycodone or heroin. SUBOXONE® also contains naloxone, an opioid antagonist.

The naloxone in SUBOXONE® is there to discourage people from dissolving the tablet and injecting it. When SUBOXONE® is placed under the tongue, as directed, very little naloxone reaches the bloodstream, so what the patient feels are the effects of the buprenorphine. However, if naloxone is injected, it can cause that person to quickly go into withdrawal.
SUBOXONE® at the appropriate dose may be used to:

  • Suppress symptoms of opioid withdrawal

  • Decrease cravings for opioids

  • Reduce illicit opioid use

  • Block the effects of other opioids

  • Help patients stay in treatment

We offer two type of Suboxone® Programs:

1 – Suboxone® Detoxification

2 – Suboxone® Maintenance


Our Suboxone® detox programs are typically 6 weeks in length. The length of detox can be shortened or lengthened depending on the patients progress, goals or particular circumstances. Generally speaking, the shorter lengths result in the possibility of mild withdrawal symptoms during detox. Based on our lengthy experience of treating hundreds of patients, 6 weeks is a desirable length of time to experience virtually no symptoms during the course of detoxification. Longer periods of detox can also add the risk of some dependency on Suboxone®. In all cases, programs can be individualized to meet your treatment goals and achieve your being opiate free in in a very brief period of time.


Some patients may choose to remain on Suboxone® for a period of time until they are ready to jump off. Maybe life circumstances dictate your staying on for a period of time. Some chronic relapsing opiate patients choose this option as a “harm reduction” therapy. If you are an existing Suboxone®patient with another treating physician, you can transfer from any waived physician and we can treat you. No one is ever forced to end Suboxone® maintenance if you have been compliant during your therapy. YOU determine when YOU are ready to jump off.


1. When opioids attach to the mu receptors, dopamine is released, causing pleasurable feelings to be produced.

2. As opioids leave the receptors, pleasurable feelings fade and withdrawal symptoms (and possibly cravings) begin.

3. Opioids continue leaving the mu receptors until the person is in a mild-to-moderate state of withdrawal. At this point, SUBOXONE® therapy can begin.

4. The primary active ingredient in SUBOXONE-buprenorphine-attaches to the empty opioid receptors, suppressing withdrawal symptoms and reducing cravings. As a partial opioid agonist, SUBOXONE® works by controlling withdrawal symptoms and cravings and produces a limited euphoria or “high.”

5. Buprenorphine attaches firmly to the receptors. At adequate maintenance doses, buprenorphine fills most receptors and blocks other opioids from attaching. Buprenorphine has a long duration of action, so its effects do not wear off quickly.

Courtesy of NAABT – National Alliance for Advocates of Buprenorphine Treatment

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